Sign up for the Volunteer Lottery for the 2019 Boston Light Swim IS Now Closed. 

Registration to volunteer for the 2020 event will open on or about March 15, 2020.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the
Boston Light Swim

Without our volunteers, the Boston Light Swim would never happen. Because we value the investment of time and energy these critical people make, we offer our volunteers the option to bypass the swimmers' lottery in the year after they have served. This is a popular option, so we must limit the number of slots we offer. Therefore, we seek four volunteers for the Friday evening safety meeting and dinner and four on the day of the swim. 

As with swimmer enrollment, demand for these limited placements outstrips the number of slots we can offer, therefore we select volunteers based on a random lottery draw. This volunteer lottery is intended for people who want to bypass the swimmer's lottery the following year. Crewing for a swimmer DOES NOT qualify you to bypass the swimmer lottery the following year. Only the eight official event volunteers selected via this lottery system and who fulfill their commitment will receive preferred entry to the swim the following year.