MOWSA currently offers several solo, sanctioned swims that challenge marathon swimmers over long distances in cold water.


Nantasket to Nahant (N2N) – 8.3 miles (25.8 km)
NANTUCKET Beach, Hull to Great Ledge Beach, Nahant

This course was dreamed up by Helen Lin. MOWSA worked with Helen researching and planning the course. Helen successfully made the first crossing on September 7, 2017. The course is 8.3-miles and cuts right across the mouth of Boston Harbor, passing Graves Light about halfway across. Helen set the bar for this swim high by making a double crossing (16.6 miles) in the first attempt!

What to expect

Water Temperature: 58 to 70 degrees F

Tides: The tides run perpendicular to the course and do not effect the start time. A light current runs down the coast from the north that may be against the swimmer if you start at Nantasket Beach in Hull.

Weather: Anticipate ocean swells, wind, waves, and overcast skies. The bay can be like glass or you may get four-foot swells. This is New England; expect it all.

Swimmer notes: The swim starts from the northern end of sandy Nantasket Beach in Hull. The finish is on a pebble beach at Great Ledge in Nahant. The water temperature is coldest near Graves Light. The course crosses the mouth of Boston Harbor and a major shipping lane. The swimmer may have to yield to shipping traffic. You'll be in the open ocean for the duration of the swim, so expect to encounter marine life.

Solo Records

Crossing Number Name Nationality Date Time Notes Observer
1 Helen Lin USA September 7, 1915 11:28:25 First Historic

Banner photo by Greg O'Connor