MOWSA currently offers several solo, sanctioned swims that challenge marathon swimmers over long distances in cold water.


Mass Bay Crossing (Point2Point) – 23 miles (37.4 km)
Eastern Point Lighthouse, Gloucester to Strawberry Point, Scituate

The lengthwise crossing of Massachusetts from Gloucester to Cohasset is a new MOWSA offering as of 2016. Greg O'Connor extensively researched this course for years and successfully made the first crossing on August 15, 2016. The 23-mile course cuts right across the heart of Massachusetts Bay.

What to expect

Water Temperature: 58 to 75 degrees F

Tides: The tides run perpendicular to the course and do not effect the start time. A light current runs down the coast from the north, aiding the swimmer toward the finish point.

Weather: Anticipate ocean swells, wind, waves, and overcast skies. At times glassy, the bay may also throw you four-foot swells. This is New England; expect it all.

Swimmer notes: The swim starts from a boulder-littered shoreline. Please be cautious upon entering the water as sea urchins and other sharp objects in among the rocks on the beach can threaten the integrity of your tender foot skin!

You'll also find rocky outcroppings and shallow spots near the finish that swimmer and kayaker must navigate around carefully. You'll finish on a pebble beach, part of which belongs to a private resort, so we encourage you to hurry back to the escort boat upon finishing. 

The water temperature is coldest at the start, but it usually warms up in the middle of the bay. You'll be in the open ocean, so expect to encounter some marine life. Sharks may be in the bay.  MOWSA has a Shark Protocol that will be strictly followed during this swim.

Solo Records

Crossing Number Name Nationality Date Time Notes Observer
1 Greg O'Connor USA August 15, 2016 13:55:05 First Bob Fernald

Banner photo by Elaine K. Howley