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Advanced AdVenture Tracking

TRACK.RS will offer its advanced adventure tracking services for Boston Light Swim. Free to swimmers, this simple-to-download system is easy to set-up on your smartphone or tablet and allows your friends and family on land or back home to follow along with ease from their computers or smartphones.

Easy to Use

Simply download the app to your iPhone, iPad or Android phone, follow the set-up instructions, and the magic of technology will update your position on the map every minute during the swim. (Don't forget to have your crew turn the app on at the start of the swim.) You can also connect a SPOT tracker instead of your phone.

Click here for detailed instructions for connecting your phone
And register your device.

Live tracking on event day can be accessed at:

If you have questions or technical issues with the system, please contact AT gmail DOT com. The system works best when all participants in the event use it, so download the app today and don't forget to turn it on at the start!