The 2018 Jim Doty Memorial Mile will be held on Saturday, June 16.

In Memoriam

James J. Doty was a local open-water swimming legend; there isn’t a body of water in New England that Jim didn't swim over the course of his lengthy career. Jim was responsible for forming the non-profit organization, New England Marathon Swimming Association (NEMSA), dedicated to promoting swimming and a clean environment in New England waters. Jim re-started the Boston Light Swim back in the mid-1970s after a long hiatus. The BLS is the oldest open-water swim race in America. The Annual 1-Mile Doty Mile Honors His Legacy


It's an informal, one-mile swim held in memory of James Doty. Wetsuits are allowed.


L Street Bath house (Curley Community Center) K Street entrance.


2018 Date TBD.

Gather at 11:00 AM on the K St. beach. Start at 12:00 PM. All participants should be out of the water by 1:00 PM.


$10 fee with online registration or $20 on the day of the swim.

Jim never liked collecting fees for the swims he ran (usually $0.50 or $1.00) and in that spirit, we are hosting the swim with a minimal registration fee.

However, in lieu of a larger registration fee, we are requesting that swimmers make a donation to the James Doty Memorial Fund


The swim will go from the K St. beach, west along the shore toward Carson beach for 1/2 mile, around a marker and back to the start.  You will follow the beach and be no more than 20-30 feet from shore at all times.  The tide will be high and slack at 1:00 PM.  Participants will have to go out around the wooden beach walls where it may be too deep to stand.



The swim will be in close to shore. This is a “swim at your own risk” event. If a participant is cold or tired they can walk out. There will be spotters on the beach to help and  kayak support in the water to keep the participants from swimming too far from shore.

Banner photo by David Boeri

 Jim Doty in his swimming days

Jim Doty in his swimming days